• Welcome to the Principal's Office!

  • Dear Friends,

    Last Spring, as part of a math survey graphing project, a student asked me, “Mrs. Zimmerman, what’s your favorite holiday?”  Without hesitation, I responded, “The First Day of School!”  She laughed and said, “No, really... That’s not a holiday.”  I begged to differ.  When I think about holidays, I think about the positive feelings associated with gatherings of family and friends, celebrations, sharing, reflecting on the past and looking forward to our future.  That’s exactly what the First Day of School has always meant for me.  Our family of teachers, staff, students, and their families return to our buildings.  The smells of fall and pristine hallways, sights of meticulously prepared classrooms waiting to welcome students, sounds of busses and children laughing as they reunite with their teachers and friends add to the air that represents the opening days of school.  You can feel the energy, excitement, enthusiasm, hope, dreams of a new year, and love for learning fill our hallways. 

    Well, my favorite holiday occured on September 2; two hours late, but it arrived!  This year at PVES we will continue to focus on building our community of learners and exploring creative ways to teach reading, writing and math across all grade levels and content areas!  We welcomed some new teachers, staff, and students with our Panther Pride.  We reunited with old friends and are still getting to know our new friends.  We love the smell of the fall air. We are happy to be back with our PVES family. 

    I will see you all soon at Open House on September 27 and look forward to an amazing 2017-2018 school year.  Please contact me at any time if I can be of assistance to you!  


    Mrs. Zimmerman