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Mr. Dave Saxton

Hi, I have been a teacher at Pine Valley for 27 years and during that time I have taught basically everything from third through sixth, Math to Science, and even Art. I coached Girls' Varsity Softball from 1991-1994 and I'm currently coaching the Girl's Modified Soccer team. I graduated from Fredonia State College in 1978 with a Bachelor in Arts in radio and communications. However, I declined a few offers in that field to go ahead and work on the family farm for 12 years. I also played drums in various rock bands from 1970-1984 to supplement my earnings. By 1989, I saw the writing on the wall in continuing a career in farming. My first child, Sierra was born that year and I had to make a quick decision. A number of friends and some ex-teachers suggested the field of education. At age 33, I knew I had to act fast. I went back to Fredonia while also playing the role of Mr. Mom for my one year old daughter. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary ed, certified K-6th. I lucked out and instantly was hired by Lucinda Minor at Pine Valley. I have been here ever since. Only Tim Nobles and Laurie Beaton have been on the teaching staff longer. I have seen a lot of changes through the years and what really makes me feel old is having students of students I had back in the 1990's! My favorite subject is science, which I taught all of third through sixth grades a couple of years ago. The new administration switched me over to math, K-6th and now I'm on my second year of doing that. Finally, I have three children that are now all in their mid to late 20's and I live with my wife, Lucinda. We have been married for 33 years.

  • Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. Once again I will be working with AIS Math students, (Kindergarten through sixth grade). The purpose of the program is to help students "catch-up" and then hopefully they can improve to the point that they are at "grade-level" or better. Most students I meet with are in small groups (3 to 6), a minimum of two times a week. Some I see all five days each week. In Kindergarten we start at number recognition and counting. First grade goes to number comparison and easy adding and subtraction. From there we work on basics such as the four operations (add, subtract, multiply, and division ) and other math areas such as fractions,decimals, and geometry. The program is not intended to have me work with students on their homework, but to go back to the basics and get the student caught up. However, I am happy to work with students on any math area on our own time, such as their freetime if I am available or after school help. The students are tested three times a year on the computer (Sept., Jan., and June) to monitor their progress. Some will test out in January, but unfortunately, some will test in. I usually have anywhere between 45 to 60 students on my roster. When the student comes with a serious attitude and truly wants to progress, the program works like a charm. However, students that don't care and fight the system really don't demonstrate much progress.