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Welcome to the Science Site
      Hello, I'm Mr. Saxton and I will be teaching third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade science this 2015-2016 school year. Last year I did third and fourth grade science and now I'm going to tackle the fifth and sixth. We still do a lot with the BOCES kits and my approach is a "hands-on" style of learning. The students are saturated with tests and writing so I go with a lab and exploratory style to promote interest and give the students a break from the pressures of today's standards. However, there will still be some paper work and testing, but it will be more of a self-evaluating system to see if I am meeting the students' needs. One other thing that I need to stress this year is classroom behavior. Science is not a free time class or a time to horse around. A big part of your child's grade will be classroom behavior.
      Third grade will be exploring rocks and minerals, buoyancy, butterflies, and sound. There will be also smaller units including: simple machines, ecosystems, weather, and several other areas of the science world.
      Fourth grade looks at plants, electricity, motion and design, crayfish, and powders and crystals. We will also study simple machines, the water cycle, storms and weather, space and health. Near the end of fourth grade, the students will take a N.Y. State science exam which contains two parts: the lab section which is mostly hands-on experimentation, and there is a forty question exam on a different day.
      Fifth grade will be new for me. The last time I taught fifth grade science was the 1991-1992 school year. Some of the science kits will be: electromagnetism, Meet the creatures, optics, Traveling in space, and ecosystems. There will be other areas to be covered throughout the year.
      Sixth grade will also a new grade level for me. It was 1991-1992 when I last taught science in sixth. The BOCES kits that are sent: pond life, Incubation and embryology, rocketry, energy, simple machines, and water.
      The science room should be quite an active and crowded place this year with all the lab experiments spread out around the classroom. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact me at anytime. 
Mr. Saxton