Fitness Center/Pool

2016-2017 MEMBERSHIPS:

Fitness Memberships include the use of our Fitness Center and Pool for a very low price!

(ALL Applicants may be asked to provide photo ID and proof of residency.)
District Residents, Staff, Retired Non-Resident Staff and Alumni

    Single:  $15/month or $150/year  

    Married Couple:  $20/month or $200/year

    Family (husband/wife/children under age 25):  $25/month or $250/year


District Senior Citizens age 62+

    Single:  $10/month or $100/year  

    Married Couple:  $15/month or $150/year


Out-of-District Members

   Single:  $25/month or $TBA/year

   Married Couple:  $30/month or $TBA/year

   Family (husband/wife/children under age 25):  $40/month or $TBA/year

   Age 62 and older, Single:  $15/month or $TBA/year

   Age 62 and older, Married:  $20/month or $TBA/year


Year membership dates are July 1 - June 30 and can only be purchased at the reduced price during the months of July-August.

The above fees can be paid at the Business Office during school hours, placed in the Fitness Room drop box or mailed to:  Pine Valley Central School

Last Modified on July 3, 2016