Jr./Sr. High School Principal

  • Dear Families and Community Members,

    It is with great pleasure that I accept the honor of serving the Pine Valley School District as the Junior/Senior High School Principal. As many of you already know, I am a native of Chautauqua County, and I have many ties to the area.

    In my short time here, I have already had the privilege of meeting with some students, parents and teachers. In these conversations, the word “family” was frequently used to describe how people feel about this school district. When I think of family, I think of traditions, shared stories and legends, people who we know, and those who came before us.  This sense of community is one of the reasons why I was attracted to a smaller district in the first place, but I understand that joining a close-knit community can have challenges.

    This summer six of my nieces and nephews got married. At each of the weddings I observed the interactions between the two families. At times, the blending of traditions, customs, and beliefs seemed awkward. To some, the inclusion of certain customs was comforting; to others, agitating. Becoming a member of a school community can be very similar. At times, my style and approach will be welcomed, and at other times it may be confusing. I ask that during the times when my decisions or actions may be puzzling, please assume the best of intentions. Accepting the invitation to serve in Pine Valley was not a decision that I made lightly, but one that I made with enthusiasm.

     At the start of this school year, I intend to do a lot of observing and listening. My priority is to engage in dialogue with students, parents, teachers, and members of the wider community so that I can clearly understand how I can best contribute to a school district that already has a strong foundation and clear vision. This should not imply, however, that I do not have well-defined goals of my own. First and foremost, I personally involve myself in all the many different processes and outcomes that contribute to overall student achievement. The success of any one child rests on the shoulders of many adults, including mine. I consider this to be an honorable responsibility that I take seriously.

     I am sure that during the course of this year we will have many opportunities to get to know each other a little better. Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

     Sincerely yours,

    John Sheffield,

    Jr./Sr. High School Principal